Investing With Us

Initial Investment: 

Floyd Investing works with high net worth individuals requiring a $50,000 minimum initial investment which goes directly towards  purchasing the investment property.

Cash on Cash Returns: 

Our 8-15% potential annual return does not factor in appreciation on the property or tax benefits.  Each year as rents increase, your return can increase.


We research to find the locations that we feel will provide us with the highest appreciation over the next 5-15 years.  When factoring in appreciation on your return, returns can end up being significantly higher.


With Floyd Investing you don’t have to worry about having your money tied up for three, five or ten years.  If things change and you want your investment back for any reason, we can begin the liquidation process.  

Tax Benefits:

Real Estate investing brings the opportunity for tax savings through the ability to depreciate the property.  You will have this ability with a direct partnership with Floyd Investing.