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What type of investments do you invest?

We typically invest in single family homes for long term rental income.  When the right property comes along we also will invest in vacation rentals.

Why invest in single family homes vs. apartment buildings?

We find single family homes are a more conservative approach to buying large scale apartment complexes. One of the reasons it is easier and faster to sell a single family home than an apartment if we felt the need. Second reason is if the market changes and tenants have difficulty affording rent or rental properties are over saturated, a single family home provides for opportunities for a tenant to want to rent than an apartment. 

What is the minimum amount I can invest?

We typically are looking for $50,000 minimum investment but it depends on the property.  Your investment will go directly towards the purchase of the investment property and be directly tied to that property.  Our properties typically cost between $75,000-$250,000.

Will I be able to know where the property is located?

Yes!  We will provide you with the address, as well as the purchase price, any renovation costs needed, rental income, etc. This is where we shine. You will be able to talk to Jon directly about the property  and he can go over all the details with you.

Who will manage the property?

We work with the best property managers to oversee the property and collect rents.

What if I want my money back?

No problem, if for whatever reason you decide you don’t want to invest anymore, we simply will sell the property and distribute the funds due to you.  

What are the risks involved?

This is an investment and with all investments you can lose your money.  Obviously, with the experience, knowledge we have and the flexibility with being a small investment company, we feel that risk is minimized. 

I'm ready to invest, what do I do next?

Great! First, there will be some paperwork to complete.  Once that is complete, we will usually have an investment property designated within 60 days. We don’t take your funds until the specific property is designated.